Transitions... the process of change - Community-based theraputic services
Supervised Visitation & Parent Reunification Program
Parent Reunification Program: A therapeutic program for children who have not had contact with a parent due to incarceration, abandonment, abuse/neglect, a severe mental health diagnosis, or just a parent that just hasn't been in the area and needs help regaining or gaining a child’s trust. This program assists parents in providing a safe and healthy way to transition the absent parent back into their child’s lives for a regular visitation schedule. The transitional plan may include therapy for the child/children and the parents (both absent and involved), parenting education classes, supervised visitation (either therapeutic or standard) and/or any other treatment recommendations deemed appropriate by the professionals or Court involved. The goal is to promote a healthy, happy, and safe transition for all parties involved as well as foster a positive relationship with a child’s parent or loved one that they have not seen in a long time.
Supervised Visitation Program: Supervised visitation is usually court ordered. We offer standard supervision, which includes 100% supervised visits, with established Visitation Rules and takes place either in the community, at a parent’s house, or an agreed location. Standard supervision simply involves a third party professional that is at the visit to watch and report back to the Court how the visit went, what took place at the visit, how the parent and child responded to each other and to stop the visit if there is a Rule Violation or safety is at Risk. Therapeutic Supervision is more intensive supervision, in that if issues come up there is a professional mental health therapist doing the supervision that can assist in mediating though the issues that come up during the visit. Issues may include questions from the child about where the absent parent has been, questions about court, absentee parenting issues, boundary issues, trust issues, children pushing limits and acting out inappropriately due to the stressors around dealing with a new parent and/or situation. The Therapeutic Supervisor can assist as the incident occurs by providing therapeutic feedback to the parent or child. They will assist by explaining what is appropriate behavior and or a response by a parent who is usually in some turmoil with the child’s other parent. The can assist with parenting skills as the absent parent hasn't been parenting the child for some time. The goal of therapeutic supervision is to guide the absent parent through the process of change in an appropriate yet safe way that will secure a positive relationship with their child or children.
Parent Coordinator/Mediator: A parent coordinator is someone who assists two parents that can't discuss issues dealing with their children after a heated divorce and or separation. The professional is either court ordered, or hired privately to assist parents in working through issues that come up in reference to visitation, custody and/or everyday life. The coordinator promotes healthy co-parenting skills, assists with interpretation of court orders and in times of crisis can develop a solution to a problem that can't be agreed upon by the parents.  If part of the plan and age appropriate, the parent coordinator can meet with the children to see how they are coping with changes either to provide parents with feedback or for the Court depending on who is involved.
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